Thursday, April 9

Tammy & her sons

Reflect on the video we watched in class and discuss what you would do if you were their teacher.

The video Tammy’s Story made me really sad because it portrayed very clearly how some people are born into the world in a certain social class and predisposed for a life of poverty. I think I take for granted how fortunate my family is, and how lucky I was to be born into a middle class, family. I believe that Tammy’s boys can get out of the cycle of poverty and prosper, but being in a family with a lack of financial resources makes it even harder for them to break the cycle and dig themselves out of poverty. Tammy does a great job providing emotional and social support for her family, but she struggles with financial support. She is determined to support her own family, even though she knows she can get money from welfare. She has a good work ethic and though she did not attend college, she provides a positive role model for her sons. She really cares about her boys and shows interest in their hobbies and interests, such as sports. Despite Tammy’s lack of college education, she seems that she is supporting her children’s success in school to the best of her ability.

If I were a teacher to any of her sons, I would try to help the boys get connected to learn more about college scholarships and other resources that could help their family. It seems Tammy is very apathetic about accepting help, but I’d hope that there is some kind of help out there where a volunteer could drive her to run errands and buy groceries once a week. I think Tammy is against asking for help because her sons seem so embarrassed by her. I would try to help Tammy understand that it is not shameful to accept help from others, even though her son’s act that way. There are many opportunities out there that can help her prepare her boys for a bright future. As a teacher, I would try to support Tammy and let her know that she is doing a great job raising her children. I would tell her she is doing the right thing by working and setting a good role model. It is great she comes to her kid’s sporting events and she is dedicated to providing for her family. Overall, I would want to help Tammy and her sons get connected with different services and resources to help their family.

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