Friday, January 30

Journal 3.3

In which of these eight intelligences do you feel the strongest? What might have led to your development in this intelligence? In which area are you most challenged? What might you do to improve in this area?

I feel that I am strongest in the area of intrapersonal intelligence. I know myself very well and feel that I am well aware of my abilities, strengths and weaknesses. This helps me because I know what I can achieve and what things may be challenges for me, but also attainable. I think that my intrapersonal intelligence helps me understand who I am, and when I need time alone from other people. Having a heightened sense of self-awareness helps me understand my own needs, and how to make myself happy. I always know what I need and what will help me grow as a person. I am a very emotional person, and feel that I show my heart on my sleeve. When I am happy, excited, upset or disappointed, I feel that I am always in touch with my emotions, and am able to express what is going on in my mind.

I believe that being in a large family has helped me develop a strong sense of intrapersonal intelligence. I have three sisters and while I was growing up we always had a full house of family and friends. My sisters and I would have friends over to hang out constantly. I was very involved in Girl Scouts and sports. I think that these activities helped me develop my intrapersonal intelligence, and allow me to understand who I am and what my abilities are. Having a full house all the time also forced me to understand when I was feeling sociable and when I might want alone time. I think my intrapersonal intelligence.

I am most challenged in the area of musical intelligence. I enjoy singing, but I don’t think I have a very good voice so I am somewhat nervous when I sing. I know that when I sing in front of first graders, having confidence is much more important than my actual singing ability. In order to improve in the area of musical intelligence, I am going to try to be more confident in my abilities. I don’t know how to read music and I am not very good at keeping the rhythm, so these are things I can try to work on as long term goals. I think that my sense of musical intelligence will improve simply by getting more experience in the classroom.