Sunday, March 1

Differences between students at ECDC and in my field class

Write about any developmental differences you’ve observed between the case study child you focused on and the children in your field classroom.

Since I observed a child in the 5 year olds class at ECDC, and my field experience is in a kindergarten classroom, I found a lot of similarities between the children. My case study child, Corey, is very independent and demanding with his needs. He knows how to ask for attention and get others to pay attention to him. The students in my kindergarten classroom seem more mature than Corey, and can cooperate with one another. Corey played with other students at ECDC, but he was somewhat bossy and did not compromise well. The students I have observed in my field classroom are able to calm down and focus solely on academics during some parts of the day. Corey is always on the go and had a lot of energy. Corey did not want to follow the rules or obey the adults at ECDC. Most, but not all, of the student in my field class follow the rules and listen to the adults in the classroom. Corey was somewhat defiant against authority. One similarity is that Corey and the students in kindergarten enjoy telling others the rules of the classroom. Although Corey did not like obeying adults, he liked to tell other students the rules and remind them of what they should be doing, even if he did not want to follow the rules himself. The kids in my field classroom enjoy tattling on one another and keeping other students in check, just like Corey did. Another difference is that ECDC is centered around many different types of play, while the kindergarten class is a mix of play and lessons.

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