Friday, February 13

Journal 10.1

When you read the description of the “future” kindergarten teacher, what qualities do you have that match the ones described? What might you do to continue to develop other characteristics or qualities of a kindergarten teacher as described by Pam?

I believe that I have many of the qualities described to be a good kindergarten teacher. I love working with children and genuinely enjoy interacting with young children and watching their academic and emotional growth. I believe that I have the flexibility to working with many different parent volunteers and different academic specialists who will be helping out in the classroom and at the school. I have experience working in cooperation with many adults in a variety of settings. I believe that in my own classroom I will be open about having other adults in the classroom, but I will also be sure to remember each person’s different leadership role. I will value every adult who spends their time in the classroom and helps out. I am definitely willing and excited about collaborating with others, especially while working with a team of teachers who are all teaching the same grade level as me. I think that having a strong team is so important because teachers can all share materials and ideas with each other. I believe that I am only starting to understand what is developmentally appropriate for early childhood students, and while I take more education courses and gain more experience in the classroom, this will help continue my development in this area, and help me solidify my personal philosophy.

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